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Friday, March 25, 2011




I feel so lucky to have Karin Grow as a neighbor. She is so crazy talented, she has a little mini farm in her backyard, filled with chickens, beehives and all sorts of curiosities. I asked her if I could be put on her 'crafting roll call' meaning if she feels like crafting I will come over and play. So this week she invited me over to felt. OMG! It was so much fun... I am totally addicted and don't know if I can even wait for my shipment of tools from The Felted Ewe. I feel like I am channeling a mommy from the 1800's in Ireland who just shaved a sheep to make toys for her little one due in July :). So here are a couple tips so you can teach yourself even if you don't have a Karin Grow in your neighborhood.

First get your supplies from The Felted Ewe...
If you are super adventurous you could get the natural felt and dye it yourself although Karin suggests using the pre-dyed.
You will also need the felt for the inners... this is usually more coarse but you generally don't see it.
I suggest you make a big order... the 1oz of felt is around $2-3 and the shipping is pretty inflated so it is nice to get a bunch at once.
You will need needles {I got an assortment of sizes}.
I don't think the needle cases are necessary although I have only made two birds so maybe I will change my mind?
You will also need a foam felting surface. {I went for the $3.50 version and can upgrade on my next order}.
Find a good friend to felt with, some tea & some tunes.

Here is a Youtube video on needle felting that might get you started... Needle felting is so forgiving that once you start I am sure you will get the hang of it... start with making something simple like a rock and move on from there. {How cool would a globe be!!}.



  1. how adorable are those birds?! this totally reminds me of our days at waldorf. felting is so much fun!

    karin, if you're reading...add me to your roll call! xoxox

  2. they are soooo cute! best ever :)

  3. i will dust off my needles in a flash...i would love to felt with some ladies...i have a little animal family that i made for ryder and they are due for new friends!!

  4. how cute! on my list to learn...after sewing. ;)

  5. I need to move into your neighborhood. I'll start trading croissants for crafting lessons like these. Those little birds are adorable.

  6. They look like gorgeous balls of fairy floss- so sweet!

  7. Guess we have to have a felting party for sure and soon!
    I forgot to tell you that the stuffing I use is 100% wool doll stuffing. I used to order it from a toy company but they're no longer in business. I found some on Etsy.

    Your birdies are so cute Alexis.
    I've made 5 since we then and will post them on my blog soon. Just need 3 more for my project.

  8. Have you stabbed yourself yet? yawza! those needles HURT! But it's like painting with fiber isn't it!!

  9. Oh my goodness those little birdies are so sweet! How do you find time for all this? You amaze me.

  10. Ultra cool Alexis.... You are NESTING for sure!

  11. Omg, Molly is a huge felter of little animals...she's starting a line with them!

  12. alexis, what can't you do? perfection in every way...that's you!

    p.s. need those birdies for an easter basket! :)

  13. Alexis, You are the first one who reignited my love for felt after you DIY felt board for Henry. Now I am drooling over these baby birds. What a wonderful neighbor! I would love to be added to roll call. I would make the drive any day! ;) xo Samantha

  14. these are ADORABLE!! can you PLEASE have a crafting night and teach us?!


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