Cloud Nine Reunion

Monday, March 28, 2011


In college I lived in a house called Cloud Nine and every other year we have been getting together for a reunion, this year the destination was the Parker in Palm Springs. Girls came from NYC, San Francisco, LA and San Diego for a weekend together. It was the best. Oh the stories!! Our house was notoriously fun. Some of the hallmarks of Cloud Nine were the costume box... we would wear costumes to most parties {even if there wasn't a theme}, I was reminded this weekend that our number was 985-SEXY, 3 girls to a room {9 girls total}, shared clothes, a closet full of broken vacuums... the list goes on but my family reads this and I don't want them to regret sending me to college ;).
Well girls here is to 2013! I love you all dearly!





To commemorate our trip we all got the most divine little bracelets that say "On Cloud Nine" go to Kate Spade to see all of the adorable ones they make.


  1. My girlfriends from college are so dear to my heart. We have always talked about doing a trip together with our families but yours sounds like just the vacation I need right now. (And your baby bump is adorable.) xo Samantha

  2. add this new bracelet to the chanel beauties and look out.... :)

    the bump is beautiful!

  3. looks like a lovely weekend! We happened to be in PS for a bachelorette party, sadly not at the Parker which is my very favorite! I lived in an 8 girl room in college, so I can relate- as crazy as it was to share with 7 other ladies, we had a wonderful time!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I just saw two college friends last weekend (who I hadn't seen in almost 20 years...yikes!) and it was like time stood still and we were 19 again. So much fun!

  5. so glad you had fun! love the baby bump pic. and i can't believe they make a cloud 9 bracelet, to go along with your other kate spade one. that is too perfect!

  6. Alexis, that sounds so lovely! I wish I had regular reunions with my friends from college (sadly, there were no houses to rent in NYC -- at least not one that college students could afford). I certainly didn't have the typical college experience and I like that in many ways, but I missed out on some things too.

  7. Looks like a great fun and how cool is it that? Kate Spade has a on cloud 9 bracelet! I had to go to the site to see what it's all about.

  8. Way too cute! i'm sure your face hurts from laughing and smiling the entire weekend! Love you and call you in the AM! xoxox

  9. Alexis,

    What a fun baby bump pic! What an incredibly fun weekend!

  10. the parker + your belly bump = amazingness! too funny... my college house number was 586-CUTE. what dorks! haha! SO glad you had loads of fun!!

  11. What a fun weekend! Bravo on the bump shot--too cute.

  12. Look at that cute baby bump!! I'm sure it felt good to lay poolside ;)


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