Summerland Mercantile {part duex}

Wednesday, March 23, 2011






Here are some more photos from my day in Summerland. Cathy's house was so stunning. And I am so excited for the new Summerland Mercantile Atelier that they are building on Cathy's property. It is going to be a store {open one day a week} and a space for classes... the unveiling will be at their Garden Sale May 7th. So exciting.

PS. I think I have said this before but I have had a couple people ask how I know the ladies of Summerland Mercantile... well, Cathy and I met in France this summer... I thought she was the bees knees and we have stayed in touch. I met her business partner at French General a couple months ago and there you go... they invited me to teach a class and now they won't be able to get rid of me ;).


  1. how *amazing* is that house! love all of those photos, especially that beautiful table in the last one. congrats on the class going swimmingly!

  2. Do you think Cathy would mind if I came over and cooked her dinner in her kitchen? It's beautiful -- definitely the type of kitchen that would inspire me to cook a six-course menu. And I'm marking my calendar for May 7th!

  3. amazing pics alexis! i'm marking my calendar for may 7th too:) xoxo

  4. I've been dreaming of SB...what a house! Fantastic pics lady. xo

  5. Love this house...amazing..I have to keep going back to look at all the little details.

  6. Gorgeous home! I love all of her collections. It feels so warm and cozy. What a perfect place for creativity and inspiration! I am going to look into May 7th . . . my Mom lives up there so it just may work out perfectly. xo Samantha

  7. What a fabulous house! I love those homes that are cozy, collected, and actually look lived (and loved) in. What a fun weekend!


  8. I want to move in there STAT! gorgeous! thanks for sharing:) xo

  9. Wow... so much warmth! i'm sure days spent here must last forever :)


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