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Monday, March 12, 2012


This weekend Julie and I had a little gathering for Cara to celebrate her second baby girl. She is working so hard on her dissertation - GO CARA GO - so it was such a blessing to pause and celebrate her sweet little love bug on the way.
Here are a couple fun ideas that came out of this shower
1- buy potted plants; they are a beautiful alternative to cut flowers and they make the perfect party favor. {pictured above are primroses}
2- Cara is in need of a name and loves old traditional names. So all the ladies went around and said their grandmother's names... Loving Nora and Fern.


  1. I did the potted plants idea at my wedding and also used them as table number markers. Such a great idea!

    And the grandmother name go around. Love it! You can add Ida, Lona, Lola, Maxine and JoAnne to your list. :)

  2. I love when you share photos of the celebrations you host, both for holidays and for your friends. They are always so lovely down to every last darling detail.

  3. This is a beautiful table and I love the idea of sharing grandmother names. My great grandmothers were Elsie and Stella and my French Grandmother was Lilette. Love all three of those names so much it hurts.

    Whenever you post about parties it reminds me that one day I plan to crash one of your pretty get togethers. :)

  4. What a beautiful shot! And I am partial to Nora- my daughter is Norah with an h :)

  5. I love the tradition of using grandparent names!
    Not only do they add a unique and cool sound to today's baby names, but the family name being passed down generation to generation is priceless.....XOX

    My daughter's name is Rylee (a family name on both sides (spelled as Riley)- it was my great grandmothers maiden name and my daughter's father's uncle's middle name :)

  6. Oh, forgot to add my hubby's Italian grandma's name to the list.....Antoinette
    How gorgeous is that?!

  7. My little girls are Calla Antonia, and India Rose. Easily spelled, involve a grandmother and great grandmother, and have just the right vintage touch for us. Hope this helps. :)

  8. Love these ideas! The table looked beautiful!! Xo!

  9. LOVE those ideas!!!! So sweet! Go Cara Go is right! How fun is it that one of the name suggestions was Fern!!!!!! XOXO Nic

  10. Plotted plants is genius!! Love them.

  11. very pretty table...and what a lovely idea to go around and say your grandmothers names. I love Fern too!


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