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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Just a few {creative} things...
1- Tonight Jennie and I are hosting a craft night! Theme - stamp making... we are super excited.
2- Follow me over to Cresendoh this week while I am a guest curator on Jenny Doh's serious "Art Saves".
3- Have you been wanting to start a creative business or do you need help with the creative business that you have? If yes sign up for Jeanne Oliver's E- Course called "Building a Creatively Made Business." I met Jeanne while I was in France a couple summers ago and she is a little slice of heaven. I adore her and have so much admiration for all that she has done with her business. She has so much wisdom to share and is so gracious to have a class sharing all of her secrets. I am signed up.
4- I am so excited to be teaching another class at Summerland Merchantile June 2nd, we will be sewing markets totes with vintage table clothes... Check out my last class here.


  1. what fun! stamp making is one of my favorites.

  2. You've really got it going on, lady! I would so love to be at your craft night.

  3. I am so sad I missed the stamp class. I am excited for the next one.


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