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Monday, May 16, 2011





Ross emailed me a couple weeks ago and pointed out the fact that we only have 6 days of weekend time where nothing is planned before my due date. One word... YIKES! So Saturday was spent running around, birthday parties, pop up shops*, a casino night** plus 1 nap. Sunday was spent nesting. We set up the borrowed crib {thank you Kelly!!}, cleaned out our closet, re-organized clothes, found more baby clothes, did a bazillion loads of laundry {including shoes and other things that you would only clean if you were nesting}, got a dog house for the Syd Dog {yes Syd will be sleeping outside and no it wasn't my idea}, and the day ended with take out "taco burritos" from Rimel's.
Part of Ross's nesting ritual is planning a "last hurrah adventure" with some good friends, his dad and brother. I wouldn't be human if I didn't admit that it is kind of funny... I mean is Ross going to be up all night feeding? probably not BUT he is such a hands on dad {and supportive husband} that he really does deserve a "last hurrah." Maybe some of you have adventurous husbands so you can relate... a 48 hour adventure takes weeks and weeks of training and hours of planning... Above is Ross ~ after a day of schlepping and listening to me melt down in my closet about the position of my rocker ~ planning his big adventure. I get it. Men are warriors and they need to get their wiggles out.


*Bink & Boo's Pop-Up shop was so great. Bianca you are so talented and probably THE one compelling reason for me to find out the sex of the baby. If you haven't given a pair of her booties as a gift or fed your little one with one of her bibs, you MUST!... She sews everything herself and uses all vintage and found fabrics... love!
**Saturday night my mom, Ross and I went to Miracle Babies Casino Night. Ross was killing it at Black Jack which meant that we got lots and lots of raffle tickets {in fact I even think that they gave us too many... pretty sure it was $100 chips for one ticket but they were giving us 1 ticket for every $10}. Any way I was running out of gas but wanted to listen to Dr. Daneshmand speak before we left {he is my OB and the MOST. INCREDIBLE. DOCTOR. + he started Miracle Babies}. He gave a beautiful, teary talk and introduced a mommy named Corinne. When Corinne started talking I couldn't tell if her story happened 5 years ago or a year ago and then it hit me. She had her baby in March at 25 weeks which would have made her due date only 2 weeks before mine. I couldn't hold back my tears. She told how devastating it has all felt, rather then her baby growing in her womb she said "my baby is growing across the street." She has a one year old at home and multiple times a day she goes to the hospital to feed her 32 week old. I walked up to her after her talk and told her that I wanted her to have our raffle tickets. I tried to run away because I didn't want to completely loose it on her {she was so strong during her talk}. But she grabbed my hand and asked "how far along are you." I said "30 weeks," I looked her in the eyes, we held each other and cried. There is no reason that it is her and not me. I am crying just typing this. Corinne I have thought of you all weekend and pray with all my heart for the day that we can have a play date with our little miracles. {I know you don't know me... but I will find you ;)}


  1. WOW Lex, that is hospitality of the heart in the highest degree...I'm teary too! Even though your weekend time is seeming short, think if you hadn't gone out for casino night!!?

    Love you.

  2. Lex, I am so glad you mentioned Casino Night. AS you know Miracle Babies has big spot in my heart as they have nurtured (through Dr. D) 2 very good family friends. Sophie is the sweetest miracle baby and Abby is always in our hearts. I will keep Corrine and her Miracle baby in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo neeks

  3. Wow Alexis, what a weekend, what a story.

    I also would love to know the sex of your babe, I was thinking the SAME thing when I stopped by the pop up shop! xoxo

  4. I am loving your life stories and photos. Such an inspiration and happy-maker.

  5. So glad you lived it up this weekend, Alexis! And that blue floral pillow that Bianca made on that chair -- that's mine now! Hope to see you soon, darling!

  6. What an amazing story. As a pregnant person, I have been blown away by the stories and the shared joy, fear, loss and bravery that I have encountered.

  7. It is you that touches people so deeply. I am crying right now because I KNOW you and how you looked at her, touched connect so deeply with people. I love you deeper and deeper all of the time.

  8. you are one of those rare beautiful souls that the universe could not exist without ~ your sweet loving spirit gets me every time. j'adore you.

  9. Such a beautiful post Alexis. So much love from one mommy to another.

  10. I heard that you're the reason why the pillow I took home existed!! I love it.
    and good luck with getting everything together...I know you will figure it all out.

  11. wow- so emotional- its such a blessing- every healthy birth is such a blessing!

    My first came 6 weeks early and in NICU i can remmeber how blessed i felt seeing so many babies around me who needed so much care- such a tough thing to go through as a family- my thoughts are with them!

  12. When did we vote for Syd having to sleep outside? He's the original kid; No fair.
    Funny that you mentioned Syd though... I was just on the hunt for a cute dog bed on Etsy and though to myself "I bet Lex could make a dog bed way cuter than any of these!" I know you're busy having kids and stuff, but when you're done with that will you accept my challenge?

    Cant wait for baby news!

    Kendal... and bed-less Toby ;)

  13. Hey Alexis, I don't know how I found your blog, but I pop by once in awhile. I usually don't comment on blogs, but your two most recent entries have prompted me to. First of all, I too love Molly's book (especially when I compare it to a couple of other similar ones that I will not name here) and, secondly,I know Dr. Daneshmand from work. I am a Lactation Consultant at Sharp Mary Birch and occasionally work in the NICU there. Our department supports Miracle Babies in various ways, although I wasn't able to go to Casino night this year. And Dr. Daneshmand is a love, that's for sure! Small world, isn't it? Maybe I will see you if you deliver at SMB, but probably only if you need breastfeeding help! In any case, have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and happy delivery! Sheila

  14. hi Sheila... what a fun comment... not sure if you will ever see my reply but I will be at Sharp and I LOVE Daneshmand so much!! I bet he would be pretty great to work with. I have already thought about how I am going to cry leaving my 6 week check up after the baby... weird I know but with the last baby it will be my last time seeing him. Maybe I need to get involved with Miracle Babies ;). I will remember your name and try to see you in a couple months! Thank you so much for your comment!!

  15. Hi Alexis, when you are at SMB you can ask if I am on that day and I will stop by and say "Hi". I know what you mean about the last baby - it is bittersweet! My "baby" is 14 and it seems like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms. Dr. Daneshmand is wonderful to wotk with (he is so nice to everybody) and you could not go wrong being involved with Miracle Babies. It does alot of good for our NICU parents and we are very happy to support it. Happy Delivery and maybe I will see you there!


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