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Friday, May 13, 2011


When you pay attention there are things all around reminding us to be still and be grateful. Right now my plate is full so I thought I would pause and reflect on the things that are making my heart sing... When I focus on these little things the big things aren't so bad.


Fresh flowers. I love this time of year. I have been filling every bottle, jar and vase I have with flowers. The Art Barn has even been getting some flower love.


Good mail. I got this thank you note in the mail a couple weeks ago and I have it posted up in the Art Barn. It has always been a dream to teach something that I love and to know that one of my 'students' took the time to write me a note makes me so happy. It was such a kind gesture and it totally touched my heart.


Quiet time. I know that my quiet moments are coming to an end. The days when Henry is with his Grandmas or at school are such a blessing... I love being with him but I appreciate being quiet too.


Henry. Just biting his nails, on the front porch with his pants down. sigh.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

PS. There has been some problems with Blogger... hence the tardy post... if you commented for the giveaway chances your comment was lost :(... there were about 30 comments lost last night???

PPS. If you live in San Diego I highly recommend that you stop by Bixby & Ball on Saturday to check out Bink & Boo's pop up shop. Grace and I helped Bianca on Wednesday night and she gave us a preview of all her new goodies. She has been sewing up a storm and has the cutest stuff to sell... I actually had to stop my self from buying things on Wednesday.


  1. What a beautiful post, Alexis! Your art barn looks fantastic! And Henry is just amazing! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Samantha

  2. awe - love the picture of Henry....hope you are doing well, write me sometime. Kelly

  3. Henry is too cute. One day he's going to be all "Mooooom, why did you post THAT?" It's amazing how much more beautiful everything looks when you take a moment to appreciate the little things. And I'll be there tomorrow! Happy weekend, darling Alexis!

  4. Oh my heavens that picture of Henry just made my day! What a lucky Mom you are! : ). Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!
    Xo Melissa

  5. Oh Henry... a.k.a "sweet cheeks". Such a beautiful post.

  6. Haha! That little boy is adorable:) You are a lucky mom and he is lucky to have you.

  7. omg that photo of henry with his pants down!! too much! love that vintage bottle that your flowers are in too!

  8. Julia.... they have those bottles at the Antique Warehouse on Cedros... I think they are 5 dollars... they are so great!

  9. Karey M sent me here and I'm so happy she did. What a sweet post, and I can totally relate bc I just had my second three months ago. Congrats and best wishes for an easy labor:) xx

  10. It's amazing how we can regroup by just focusing on small things that make us smile. Great post. And the pic of your little boy is just adorable. It's so awesome to capture those moments.

  11. gah! pants down semi-scratching the booty. awesome.

  12. Oh my gosh!!! What an absolutely adorable picture!!!

  13. Found you from Scrapscene. Great pix, especially Henry. I"m following you here. Please come visit my blog. We are American missionaries in Ukraine. I teach crafts and scrapbooking here. Maybe you'll want to follow on mine. I love that because it helps me to stay back in touch.



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