France: Woad fabric + LA workshop

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


One of the most magical days on my trip to France was the day we dyed fabric with woad. It is a very old way of dying fabrics that dates back to Napoleon and is what we think of as the eponymous French Blue. The same french woman who taught us the technique is actually flying to French General in LA and is going to be teaching the same class!!! I think there are a couple spots left and I KNOW it will be another magical day. The lucky people who are participating will all meet at the fabulous French General, have a coffee and then will all head to the historic field in Elysian Park. Lunch will be served in the park during the workshop and then everyone is invited back to French General for a glass of Lillet... This is the closest that you could get to a day in France without getting on a flight. Sign up here.




  1. Gorgeous, really lovely colors and how much fun to do it in France. Wish I lived out west I would definitely go to this. Have fun!

  2. How fantastic! These fabrics are gorgeous! xo

  3. Again, I wish I lived closer. This is painful, woman.

  4. Ok, it's official that a trip to France (with you) for the French General experience is on my 50 before 50 list. I thinking it would be a great gift to myself for my 50th. Are you with me? You don't have to answer have plenty of time to think about it;)


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