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Monday, July 19, 2010


Hello I am Sarah from Walking Around. My town is New York City;) And I love it, the energy and spirit are unique to New York and unlike any other city in the world, and fashion eye candy is everywhere!
clothing~ Zac Posen Dress - a black dress in NYC, you can never go wrong, it's classic and can take you from day to night.
shoes~ Jimmy Choo Platform sandals - Everywhere I turn, I am seeing higher heals, strappy ankle booties and zippers, these are a fun pair of neutral platforms - I love the style because there are many knock-offs for much cheaper if you have an eye for street fashion and bargain shopping;)
art~ The Met - it's steps are famous to sit on and it's artwork collection consists of more than million works of art spanning five thousand years of world culture, it's such an amazing iconic museum to visit. They have some beautiful Picasso's.
culture~ NYC is eclectic full of life, I think the best way to take in it's culture from a far, is to watch all of the great movies that celebrate how unique it is...Breakfast at Tiffany's? Why not!
accessory~ Anything goes...NYMag always has the best local jewelry finds and I spotted this Love Bird ring that I adore!
need for survival~ Flats to carry in your bag, I walk everywhere, and always try to carry shoes that are cute, but comfy.

my town

music~ I could easily say Sinatra or JZ but I look forward to the annual NY Philharmonic in Central Park, where everyone gathers for picnics and beautiful classical music followed by fireworks. {nytimes}
scenery shoot~ This is the New York City skyline on a hazy summer morning from my old apartment rooftop.
food~ I have a million favorites...but it's just a well known fact, that NYC pizza is the best;) Here is a list of cheap faves.


  1. I love those pictures. I don't live in NY, but i Love to visit!

  2. thank you for having me! i hope you are having a wonderful trip and can't wait to catch up when you return. xoxo

  3. two of my favorite blogs unite!


  4. Love your list. Especially the photo of people lounging outside listening to music. Looks so relaxing I just want to jump in.

  5. this is such a lovely guest post ~ and i just moved to nyc, so it is quite helpful also!


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