Bon Voyage

Friday, July 16, 2010


"Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness." {as Henry would say} I am leaving. Yikes. I am so excited... SO SO excited. But as I type this I feel a little bit of a shake in my fingertips. I am so nervous to leave my little family. Does Henry have enough diapers to last him? {Potty training has been postponed... just in case you are keeping track ;)}. What are Henry and Ross going to eat for dinner? Is Henry going to give me the silent treatment when I get home {he is famous for this and it breaks my heart in half}? What is our backyard going to look like {as I type they are jack hammering}? Am I going to burst into tears if I see a 2 year old boy on the streets in France? Am I going to burst into tears when I am on the TGV ALONE? Last time I road that magical train I was sitting next to my groom holding my wedding bouquet {it was so beautiful I took it with me on our honeymoon}. Well those are just a few of my fears.

With all of that said I am so grateful for this opportunity. It is hard for me to believe that by the time you all read this I will be on a flight to the most magical place on Earth. The mecca of everything beautiful {in my opinion}. I can not wait to meet 10 other ladies with a passion for all things French. I can not wait to sit by the pool with a book. Or to wake up at 'dark o'clock' to be the first ones to the flea market. I am beside myself with emotion for this adventure. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

While I am gone I will not be blogging, rather I will be soaking up every second 'unplugged.' But while I'm away I have a little guest series that I have been working on for you. I have been daydreaming about what my bag is going to have in it, which lead to a curiosity of what the style is of the little town I am visiting. Every little spot on the globe has it's own unique style. Every time I travel I feel like I pick up on a trend or cultural difference that enhances my life at home {I guess this is what I love so much about adventures}. So with that in mind I reached out to 5 bloggettes all around the world and asked them to share the style of their town. Thank you so much Sarah {USA}, Lori {Canada}, Linda {France}, Vanessa {Sweden} & Ashley {Germany} for taking over while I am gone.

See you in a little over a week.

Bon Voyage.
ox, Alexis

PS. I will be tweeting... honestly I am not sure what that even means but I have been peer pressured from Bianca {wink wink}...


  1. so incredibly exciting. you will have such a fantastic time...i know it!

    can't wait to hear all the details. safe travels.


  2. i'm so adding you on twitter now! this sounds like the trip of a lifetime. i don't want to miss your updates! henry and ross will be fine. don't worry about a thing and HAVE FUN!!!!! xoxox

  3. you might think you are having nerves..but they are excitement nerves!!!I was hinking how cool you are to just pack up and go! this is good for henry to see a mamma full of adventure! and just think what you are gonna BUY!!!!!ohh goodness will miss you while your gone! safe trip! xoxo

  4. I am so proud ofyou for doing this trip! This truly is a once in a lifetime experience. Henry will be entertained and safe! So much love to you Lex!!!! Have fun!

  5. So exciting! I cant wait to hear all about it when you return. ps. I hit up Matildas Mouse today, it was amazing!!

  6. I'm so excited for you! Have a safe and absolutely fun trip!

  7. Haydes and I were just saying last night that you had most likely just arrived!! Have the best time!!!! xo

  8. Have a fantastic time! Can't wait to read all about the fabulous food and adventures! Enjoy!


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