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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

your town

Originally a Londoner I have lived near Lille, in Northern France, since 2001; I am an Artist/Antique Dealer. I previously worked as a Graphic Designer Fine Artist and Illustrator in London but am so much happier self employed, free and financially poorer! My blog is called 'Odd and Old'. Although I am a tad odd I like to think that I am not so very old. ...Ummm...
I really appreciate the invitation from Alexis to guest blog ' Chez Elle'; (especially as I am new to this virtual world blogging lark)... and a bit of a style anomaly!
Images: {left to right, top to bottom}
1. L'amour partout...
2. Brocante Finds/Inspiration. For the last 15 years I have been an Antique Dealer sourcing delights for UK/London clients.
I am now in the process of reverting to my original profession as an Artist. My work is greatly influenced by my Brocante/Flea market finds.
3. Café life rules! and rules! (merde alors).
4. Opera and Cake!
5. Vieux Lille. (Old Lille) Groovy designer led shopping.
6. Vieux Lille. (Old Lille) Groovy designer led shopping.
7. 'Paul'. famous French bakers now opening in uber cool areas such as Marylebone and Notting Hill in London UK.
8. My Work 2010 ~ Recent Drawing/Collage ~ 2 x Assemblages/Sculptures ~ Original 2010 Linda Dacey
9. Cheers. Sante...


  1. Thanks! and just to say ooops! Image 5 is Nice or Cannes in the 1960's, a cool postcard I found the other week; cheerio from France Linda x
    Nice cut and paste job Alexis thanks...

  2. Longing for France at this very minute!

  3. great post! i love that hat!! come follow me xoxo


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