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Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello Fern and Feather I am Lori with Automatism...
When the warm weather arrives, Canadians in Ontario pack the car and head to what's known as cottage country -- the many northerly lakes in our beautiful province. For me it's the ideal way to spend summer here.

clothing: shorts and tees -- usually with a swimsuit underneath for impromptu dips -- are the clothes of choice. {JCrew}
shoes: sneakers for scrambling in and out of canoes, walking through woods and running along rickety docks.
scenery: the beautiful Canadian wilderness, with a wood cottage in the background such as this one on Georgian Bay.
food: lots of barbeque use for burgers, accompanied by potato salads, green salads, fresh corn and berries -- eaten outside as much as possible.
need for survival: lots of insect repellent -- both spray and citronella -- until late August, when it gets a lot less buggy!
music: the haunting call of the loon (shown here beautifully sculpted in wood by master carver Sam Nottleman) never fails to thrill me.
art: the Canadian Group of Seven painted Ontario in all its wild beauty -- this painting, called "Fine Weather, Georgian Bay" is by J.E.H. MacDonald (1913) and really captures the look of a bright summer day on the water. link
culture: on rainy days there's indoor crafts, board games, books and home grown music -- someone always brings a guitar.
accessory: a hat to keep the sun off while dozing on the dock or paddling on the lake.

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