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Monday, May 3, 2010


This photo was taken minutes before the set up for a photo shoot I had in the backyard yesterday.
I have a friend who is an incredibly talented photographer named Jessica Davis. A couple months ago we met for coffee to talk about how we could work together {side note: lately I have been 'sling shoot-ing' myself into meetings with other creatives not really knowing why but some really awesome things have been coming out of them! fun.}. Sorry I digress, Jessica and I met and she asked if I would ever style some of her shoots so of course I said yes. After a couple months of planning it all came together yesterday and it was absolutely exhausting, fabulous and so much fun. Our inspiration was a little Alice in Wonderland + a little Finding Neverland + some F&F product placement. Think pennants, chickens, all vintage, all handmade, tea party... well hopefully you get the gist.
After hours of work and collaborations by many lovely ladies {Rachel Luna who sells vintage clothing at Out of the Blue, Bethany Jensen at 42nd and Orange for more clothing and some props, Elizabeth at Elizabethan Deserts for a fabulous cake on the tea table} I feel like this little photo shoot might have a bigger future then just portfolio work and I know that in this universe if you put it out there it will happen. So with that said I want to leave it up to all of my fabulous readers... Who do you know? Who should I talk to? Do you think that it could be published?

I love this blog world and you never know what can happen so I am just throwing it out there...

ox! Alexis


  1. OMG Alexis ~ I just want to sit in your Art Barn for hours and take all the beautiful creations in my arms while marveling over your beautiful talent!

    I haven't forgotten you! Finally able to breath after weeks of non-stop houseguests.

    Looking forward to seeing what else transpired in this photo shoot. You will share, right? :)

    As for putting it out there ~ most certainly! There are many great things destined to happen for you, I can just feel it!


  2. i love it...that space is utterly and totally fantastic!!!!!

  3. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics!! So great!!

  4. i love all the little local shops you mentioned above! such talented ladies that's for sure. i can't wait to hear what comes out of all your meetings. you definitely deserve to be published somewhere! i do have to say, keep blogging, because something will come around. the other day, a magazine contacted me through my blog, and shot photos for their july issue. so random, but so fun!!!


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