Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Calling all daddies... Mother's Day is this Sunday and so I thought I would put a few ideas together to make your job a bit easier + make your beautiful wife happy {of course}.


If you do only one thing for your beautiful wife on Mother's Day sit down and write her a love letter. This is always my favorite gift from Ross. Oh and if it is written on a beautiful card that gives extra points. And of course flowers are always a lovely & classic touch.


If you are the type of guy who likes to give an 'experience' these might be for you.
A picnic. Go to Wholefoods get a few salads, a bottle of Pinot Gris, some juice boxes for the kids, pick a scenic location, grab a kite at the drug store and voila the perfect Mother's Day picnic.
Planting a veggie garden. Surprise your wife with a flat of veggies to plant. You can either do it together or you and the kids could do it as a surprise.
Coupons. These are good but only if you really stick to them. Give your wife 10 coupons that she can cash in at anytime. Stuff like a morning to sleep in, a cup of tea in bed and dish duty {things like that}.

fern and feather

If you would like something that you could wrap here are a few ideas. A new pair of gardening sheers, a new pocketbook or a little flower from Emersonmade.


If your wife has been extra extra good or your have been extra bad {wink} you could always surprise her with something big.
A family Photo shoot. Beautiful photos of your family are priceless and such a wonderful gift. And finally anything in a small box is always a hit.


  1. I wonder what Ross is going to get you?! Smile:) xoxo Love you! Let's make a date! xoxo

  2. I love the idea of experiential gifts as well as twists on the tried and true classics (ie flowers) - check out Yellow Threads ( for some additional Mother's Day gift ideas for every gift giver!

  3. i looove this, i am in the midst of mine - remembering how long these take, ha! xo

  4. I love that blue picnic basket! Great post!

  5. A~
    You are too good to me!

    My only wish for this Mother's Day ~ a much needed pedicure! :)


  6. Lovely list!! I second the pedicure too...


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