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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While we are on the subject of food. I thought I would share my newest guilty pleasure. Fage Yogurt. WOWsers. I always saw it at the health food store or Trader Joe's but never purchased until now. My dad had them in Aspen and I cannot stop. One side is greek style yogurt, maybe a tad bitter (or not bitter but not sweet) other side pure bliss honey. Put them together and what do you get... yummy yogurt.


  1. i ate at least one of those a day while i was pregnant. now i'm on weight watchers. but, damn they are good. I marinate chicken in fage's plain yogurt while i'm at work and then bread it and bake it when i get home. easy and delish!

  2. oh no! okay maybe I can only have it twice a week rather then everyday.... I just got rid of the baby weight... I don't want to have to work off Fage-weight. {wink}... thanks for the tip.

  3. Had this just yesterday! So yummy! I think I can finally post comments with my Google account! Love, Jen


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