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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

aaaahhhh Aspen. Ross, H and I flew to Aspen last week for a long weekend with my Dad & brother. It was such a fun trip. I have not been skiing for years and it used to be one of my favorite activities. We had been coming to Aspen since I was five but with work, a pregnancy and life I hadn't been for a while. Anyway thank you Dad, the trip was such a treat. So here is my small guide to Aspen + a fabric mention.

Il Mulino. Love. This restaurant is right on the base of Aspen Mountain filled with wonderful people watching {I can not keep my eyes off of all the snow bunnies} + amazing food. I think it would be fabulous for dinner or lunch {we lunched}. Also fabulous for lunch is Ajax Tavern at the Little Nell. More great people watching + divine oysters + pinot gris = heaven. The Little Nell is adorable too. Just redesigned by Holly Hunt, great for a drink and/or a stay with a 'ski-in & out' location.

Kemo Sabe. This is the most wonderful boot store in all the land. Popi treated us all to boots {so so so so excited!}. My only recommendation is to not wear them on your flight home because they are very stiff at first & you could miss it, then have a 2 hour layover in Denver with a 20 month old + too tight jeans because of Il Mulino {that happened}.

The house that my dad rented was very chic with swoon worthy curtains. I cannot tell if you can get the picture with this photo but they were a cool grey/taupe {love that color} netting {does that make sense?}. Anyway they were gorgeous and worth a mention.

We found the local sledding spot and had such a blast with Henry. So here is the tip, it is behind the Aspen Recreation Center. It is chalked with happy big and little kids. I loved it. I wish we had a sledding hill in San Diego.

Home. I am such a Cancer. I love going but I love being home. Especially at this moment after a missed flight {seriously I thought I was too old for that} and a delayed flight. Oh plus I think H was sleeping at this point. Happiness.


  1. I completely get the 'too-tight jeans' after vacation! Aspen sounds divine...and I'm not even a fan of snow!

  2. Love, Love Kemo Sabe! We visited their store in Vail. Such a fun find!


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