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Friday, March 12, 2010

I am starting a new weekly. Every Friday I will be asking different women to Take 5. I will be giving them 5 words and they are asked to give their thoughts. This was one of those ideas that kept me up at night, so I asked a couple friends to be my guinea pigs and what came back was SO good. I can not wait to share. First, I will take a pass at Take 5...

1. INDULGE: Laduree Macaroons

2. SEE: the Eiffel Tower in the rain

3. WEAR: Toms

4.KNOW: your grandparent's love story

5. LOVE: the smell of our orange trees


  1. Oh please, oh please...may I play along?

    INDULGE: In a glass of champagne while soaking in a hot, hot bubble bath.

    SEE: An opera in the Monaco Opera House

    WEAR: High Heels until I'm 100!

    KNOW: The world will be beautiful and kind when my little crumb enters it.

    LOVE: The peaceful sound of the sea.

  2. Lovely!! MMMmm I'd love to have orange trees...we were in Greece once when all the citrus trees were in bloom and it was heavenly!!

  3. where can you get really good Laduree Macaroons in SD? They look ammazing!

  4. the only 2 places that I have had Laduree Macaroons are in Paris and in Bueanos Aires at the Hotel Faena & Universe

  5. i love this idea... what a great addition to your blog!

  6. this is so lovely! i can't wait to do it:) xo

  7. You can also get Macaroons in London at Harrods, and there is now a store open in New York. I think if you overnight them to yourself, they would still be good for a few days!


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