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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My brother wrote a children's book and has asked me to be the illustrator. I love to draw and actually did a sketch animation this year for the first time. As I start this project I have been going through my files to find things that inspire me...

Laura Normandin. I mentioned Laura before in my post about creative spaces. She is a huge inspiration for me. I love her style. The image on the left is the front page of her website and the images on the right are some of her portfolio work.

Blanca Gomez. I could spend hours looking at her portfolio of work. Everything from illustrations for Dwell Magazine to album covers.

Julia Rothman. I love the repetitive nature, the colors, and the detail that Julia uses in her drawings. She designs/illustrates everything from wallpaper to cookbooks to sheets.

Space Alphabet. This is a page out of Irene Zacks 1964 children's book Space Alphabet. I get so much inspiration from vintage books. Beatrice Alemagna. This book cover has been saved on my desktop for months. There is something about the eyelashes, the hand and the script that feeds my soul.


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