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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beatrice Alemagna's creative space. {found on fine little day}

Laura Normandin's creative space. Laura is the creator of Wren Handmade. I saw an article about her in Martha Stewart 2 years ago that really inspired me. She is one talented lady.

Thomas Campbell's creative space. There are very few things that Thomas can't do; he is a sewer, painter, sculptor, film director, filmer, surfer, music producer... basically he is incredibly talented and I love everything about his creative space.

Found in Dwell. I love this bright, open space.

Ali Douglass' creative space. {found on fine little day}

Tomorrow I will post a series of pictures showing my creative space, the Art Barn.


  1. having the perfect work space is key... i believe that it is all in the desk, and the art that surrounds you in those moments of space travel when avoiding a task!

  2. Agreed. Yes I feel so strongly that everything in the Art Barn has to feed my creative energy... Or else it is just wasting space, no?

  3. GREEN! Is envy ugly...cuz I got it bad right now for the Art Barn...

  4. OMG I love that one in Dwell! All that natural light... be still my heart! :)


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