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Monday, December 14, 2009

I think the most unexpected thing that has happened to me this year is this blog. It has been such a joy for me to have an outlet to share my projects, things I love and a little piece of my life. Thank you so much for reading & making this such a fun adventure for me.
In the spirit of giving I am excited to announce a little giveaway. I will be making 8 personalized note cards for one of my readers as a way to say Thank You.
Leave a comment and tell me the most unexpected thing that has brought you joy this year. Please comment by Wednesday {12/16} and I will announce the winner on Friday.
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  1. emailed to me from Jenny D:

    The absolute first thing that comes to my mind didn't happen this year, but last year.
    Christophe and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in May of 2009. On the morning of our anniversary, I was filled with so many emotions, but the most important and gigantic and surprising was the emotion of being PROUD. I never expected anything like that.. I thought I would be excited, emotional, happy (which, of course I was), but I was filled with a huge sense of pride.
    It takes a lot of work to have a happy marriage and I was able to put ten years under my belt. I am proud of my marriage, my husband, myself, our jobs, our home and the fact that we are the parents of Luke and Olivier. So special!
    I have some many blessings in my life and I thank God for this everyday.
    Love, Jenny D

  2. this year, I am surprised on how much joy our 2 bedroom cottage we rent has brougt me. I mean we have three kids, so I thought it would be hard, but I love it here.

  3. The arrival of our beautiful Mary Beth was expected but the love that she has brought to our home has been so overwhelming that it is almost unexpected.

  4. Hmmm, I know it may sound crazy, but our new chickens have made this year so much fun. I never expected them to be so personable and silly. They fit right in to our little farm here by the sea.


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