Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever

Monday, December 14, 2009

I just got home from taking a class from Diane Phillips at Great News in Pacific Beach, CA. I have been so looking forward to this. I have adopted Diane as my mentor. She is so incredibly talented and has done so much with her passion of cooking including being published by Chronicle Books with her newest book The Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever.
Here are a few practical things that I learned tonight:
- You probably need a new slow cooker; the high setting should be 300 degrees and the low setting should be 180 degrees. Most slow cookers read 350 for high and 275 for low. Which is way to hot for 'slow cooking'
- Breville makes a good slow cooker around $175 {which is super expensive but not as much as the $300 All-Clad slow cooker}.
- Never ever put anything frozen into the slow cooker. Wait until it is defrosted and at room temperature.
- Whenever you lift the lid it cuts down 20 minutes of cook time.
- Never fill a crock pot more then 1/2 way full.
- If you peel an apple but don't want it to turn brown you can soak them in Sprite and they will stay beautiful and perfect.
I am sure there are more pointers but these are the ones that stuck.
I will be trying a few of the recipes and promise to share. Okay now I have got to go to bed, whenever I take a class at night I get so fired up it is impossible to get sleepy. I just want to use my new whisk and get cooking.

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  1. I got it... !!! It just arrived today!!! Thank you so much for your post! Can't wait to try some of her recipes. They all look amazing! Keep on sharing... Thanks!


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