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Monday, October 26, 2009

It was so nice to be home this weekend... The beautiful crisp, yet warm wealther created the perfect enviroment for a productive yet very fun weekend. Here are a few highlights...

Ross & I had a little apple juice vodka {vodka because a cocktail sounded fun and apple juice because we have a toddler and that is the only mixer you will find in our fridge} and carved some pumpkins. I especially had fun on my 'Martha inspired' drilled pumpkin {see pumpkin carving below}.

I wrapped, tied and taped F&F orders but never quite got to my little guy's costume. 5 days is plenty of time to get it done... Secretly I feel like all costumes are really made Halloween Eve. I will never forget falling asleep on the sofa waiting patiently to try on my 'Little House on the Praire' costume while my mom was popping candy corns and sewing as fast as she could.

These are my favorite little T's of the weekend, I love working on the ity bity ones... so cute. These are for you, Aubrey in Portland.
Ross and I hung a sheet infront of the Art Barn and had the first ever backyard movie under the stars. {See below for more on our movie night}

The weekend finished with a very lazy day at home although we did venture to the Leucadia Farmers Market to get some honey and other goodies {note: H is still in PJ's}.


  1. C has the same jammies! love it! did you get the fish? pumpkins look so great! totally agree about halloween eve! xo

  2. stop it, he is soooo cute. and i love backyard movies. i want to come and drink apple juice vodka and watch movies. ha.


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