Thursday, March 28, 2013


Not sure what it is about jars - Ball, baby food jars, La Parfait, Weck, Ikea Fido Jars - I'm in love. Maybe it is the endless possibilities of what can go inside. I have everything from beans, to laundry detergent, to vintage stamps filling jars. In our kitchen I've been using the Ikea Jars to store all of our pantry items and I have started slowly collecting some La Parfait {side note: how dreamy are the jelly jars they make}. So that my Ikea jars didn't feel left out of the orange-gasket-greatness I bought a 12 pack of gaskets and there you go, happiness. It's the little things.

IMG_2066.jpg IMG_2068.jpg IMG_2073.jpg


  1. How funny, just bought a ton of mason jars today to attempt to tame my cupboard and all of the little baggies of nuts and flours I have in there :)

    1. that sounds strangely fun to me... I love cleaning things out and putting them in jars ;) ox

  2. The La Parfait are lovely. I have a so many things in jars too and love repurposing them. Baby food jars are the best for storing the girls tiny found treasures and spaghetti sauce jars hold paint brushes and become beautifully coated with years of dried paint.

  3. You are not alone. I too am a lover of jars. My current obsession is the Weck deco jars. Can't get enough...

  4. I'm a jar lover too =) When my pantry is organized (which is sadly not nearly as frequently as I'd like...sigh...) there are so many beautiful jars filled with staples and I just love it.

    My husband thinks I'm weird, but whatever. He'd build a kitchen out of Legos if he could so we'll stick with my jars...lol!


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