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Monday, April 16, 2012


This weekend Julia and I hosted a resource party. So the idea is that everyone brings a goal that they want to share. At the beginning of the party everyone tells the group what their goal is and then throughout the night you talk to people who you think you may be able to help, give ideas too and basically just encourage. Julia and I put together a list of local bloggers and there was an amazing turn out of 25 girls. I highly recommend doing this. I learned very quickly that you don't need a blog and you don't need to have a business. Your goal could be to help a non-profit or to start to go to Yoga, whatever. The huge take away for me is that there are no goals too big or too small and we are all here to encourage each other {which I know everyone needs}. I had a happy hangover the next morning, everyone's energy was so good. Could you imagine most girls didn't know anyone. I think I only knew half the group and everyone felt comfortable being vulnerable telling the group their dreams.
My house was filled with so much radiant talent... these were our guests...

Alex - Rustic Rooster
Bethany & Tere - MOM
Karen - Karin Grow
Kara - Verse Jewelry
Ashley - Little Presidents {adorable monogrammed goodies for you and baby... website to come}
Brandi - Not Your Average Ordinary
Summer - Modernhaus
Raluca - What Would Gwenyth Do
Bianca - Bink & Boo
Theresa - Inspiration Co Op
Samantha - Vintage is for Lovers
Jennie Corti - The White Barn
Heather Feemster - La Feem & The Post Social
Grace Sorenson - Grace Happens
Amber Haldane - The Girl is Craftee
Brandis Rodriguez - Little Rabbit Print
Haydee Sentianin - Happenstance & The Post Social
Julia Wheeler - San Diego Songbird & The Post Social
Nicole - Coastal Family Living
Nicole - Paper Boat {amazing shoes... coming soon}
Venus - Anthology Collection
Erin - Such Small Steps
Greta - Ott Creative


So for name tags I thought I would do something a little jazzier then just "Hello my name is." So I got mailing labels from Paper Source, cut out fabric, punched out paper from the dictionary and made a "fresh" stamp {our theme was Fresh food and Fresh ideas}. I hot glued them all together and there you go... a fun twist on name tags {which are so nice to wear especially someone like me who gets nervous and forgets good friends names}.

Wait! one more thing I forgot to say... today marks the first day of Jeanne Oliver's, Building a Creatively Made Business e-course. You can hop on and join in at anytime and registration is open until April 23. On top of the course all registered people are entered to win a Beginning Business Kit. This is blog design, web design, postcard design, business card design and one on one consulting with Jeanne. I am super excited! Please email me if you have any questions... I have no doubt that it will be great.


  1. And a very lovely evening was had by all! Thanks again for opening up your beautiful home and for gathering such a fun group of women. Was so very fun. xx

  2. I think it was a successful event because you set the tone for a great evening. You made everyone feel that they could be vulnerable and speak freely. Thank you for that!

  3. this is a really wonderful idea. thank you for sharing. xo!

  4. Was such a fun and valuable time. Thank you again for hosting! What a great group.

  5. Alexis,

    Where to start? Thank you for opening up your beautiful home and hosting this amazing event. Thank you to you and Julia for organizing and bringing together such a talented, supportive group of women. Thank you for putting together this recap...It's great to see everyone together in this space. It has been a blessing to know Haydee and, through her, meet all these wonderful women. I can understand why Haydee misses it.

    Best, Theresa

    PS~I have indulged in some more time on your site and I really love it, especially your "thoughts". :)

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  7. Looks like a great event - so wonderful to see women coming together to inspire one another! I also love your creative name tags..what a lovely idea!

  8. What a fantastic idea! So nice to hear of women catching up to spread positivity :)

  9. What a lovely idea. I would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to meet such a wonderful group of women.

  10. I hope you saw my reply to your comment on my blog, but I will reiterate here how terrific it was to meet you and how on fire I was after the gathering! I was impressed with everything about the evening, but most of all with how comfortably the discussion flowed and what a great group of women were there. Very much looking forward to what the future will bring. Also, hoping to spend some time with Julia. You guys did a terrific job.

  11. your original name tags are miniature works of art and absolutely darling!

  12. How fun!! It is always so nice to share creative energy and ideas with other women, especially fellow bloggers and creative people... I would love to join if you ladies do this again! (excuse me while I invite myself :) ). The "fresh" tags are lovely.

    1. of course you can... I am so sorry I didn't put it together that you were local... darn!! you should have been there! I will keep you in the loop on the next shin dig :)

  13. You're name tags ruled!! (Of course they did.) I had such a blast and was so lucky to be a part of such a dynamic group. Thanks for hosting!

  14. Thank you for so warmly welcoming us all into your beautiful home...i feel quite sure that a number of relationships, collaborations, and ideas were set into motion that night that will change a lot of our lives forever. Oh yeah, and we had FUN!!!

  15. What a great party! I am so glad I made the trip to meet some pretty amazing women. Thank you so much!!!

  16. Thank you again for opening your home lex! I loved meeting so many great woman and was inspired by all! XOXO Nic

  17. Every detail of that night was creative perfection, including the name tags! Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event!

  18. Sounds like an amazing time. Have a lovely weekend.

  19. That's wonderful!Looks like a great time!Thanks for sharing!


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