Bink & Boo's ABC {ankle biter collection}

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Since my sweet friend is on my mind today. I thought I would post a photo of her Ankle Biters, Henry and Conrad both have a pair... they are my favorite pants. Although they are good for everyday I think they are at their full potential after a long day at the beach. I usually have a clean pair folded up in the bottom of my bag. After a brutally cold shower, I carry my little guy to a warm car, cover him in a healthy dose of baby powder {best thing since sliced bread, dries them off and gets rid of the sand} and slip a pair of these over his little bunsies.


  1. i am obsessed with her ankle biters! they look adorable on that little diaper booty!

  2. These look so cute on him! Thank you.


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