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Monday, May 30, 2011


My wheels are falling off... the wall has officially been hit. As I get all my ducks in a row for the new little one I am feeling a serious urge to let go. Let go of all the things that I usually spend hours on. I am going to sit on the bench for a few innings maybe even a game. I want to cuddle with Henry a million more times before a new little one enters our lives. I want to be still and quiet as I steal every free moment to take a snooze. I am going to tackle a couple more Art Barn projects {which I promise to share}. I am even hoping to fit in a movie or two with the Boss. This week the theme is 'wrap up.' I have a meeting on Thursday with the client that I have spent most of my time with in the last year. I am handing over my key as the last few items have been buttoned up. And as for my blog... well... I am going to be around... popping in every once in a while to share the latest project or to shout from the roof top about this little boy or girl in my belly. But other than that I will be less consistent than I have been for the past year and a half. Because of this PLEASE PLEASE sign up for my "newsletter" {I don't really have a newsletter but my pregnant brain can not think of another thing to call it}. I promise not to share this info it is for my eyes alone. It is really just so that I can let all of you loyal readers know when I am posting more regularly. {See that little Subscribe to Newsletter go there and sign up!}. Well anyway... I hope you all have a wonderful week and don't be surprised if I pop in soon.

Love & Light. Alexis


  1. i swear i want to just copy and paste your post on to my blog. i'm kinda over blogging right now and all social media. the sad thing is that i'm not even pregnant! when that time comes, i'll be living under a rock;) so glad that i can still see you in "real life"! xoxo, g

  2. i'm proud of you. squeeze that sweet henry, and give extra kisses to the boss. rest, relax, and just be.

    bisous my sweet friend. always thinking of you, and so glad i know where to find you when i need you. :)

  3. Take your time, Alex... We'll be here waiting for you. xx

  4. while i will truly miss you and so very much look forward to your usual M,W,F posts, i love the idea that you are taking good care of yourself and your family.
    i am off to france, with kaari, in 23 days!
    i will be thinking of you and baby garrett.
    big love,

  5. I am always so impressed with your ability to pull back in the most graceful and thoughtful way. You are an inspiration in all that you do. Love.

  6. Yes...what Ana said...take your time, we'll be here waiting for you. I signed up!

  7. enjoy this last time with just your little boy- it is so nice to give first babies a little extra attention before they have a sibling to share you with :)

  8. Lex I agree with Tre, you always know exactly when to take a breather! We will all be ready for your return and anxious to read your words and see your pics! Now go snuggle Henry, take it all in and enjoy every second! Love you!

  9. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Your future posts will just be that much more anticipated. Proud of you for taking care of what's most important.

  10. Yay for you. I so wish I could have been more disciplined to do this... you will thank yourself!!! Enjoy your time with the most important things in your life!! Cannot wait to hear news of your new little one! Much love!
    xoxoxo Trina

  11. Have a wonderful delivery and enjoy every moment of your family time!! Best thoughts to you!

  12. I know you will enjoy every minute of every day soaking it all in. I had so many emotions before Oliver arrived and felt a little sadness mixed with some anxiousness that it was an ending in some way; but the moment he arrived, it was as if he had been here all along and fit so perfectly into our family. It was a completion. I am so excited for you. And look forward to seeing you soon! xo Samantha

  13. I will miss your posts but I totally understand. Enjoy your time with your boys before your new little angel arrives!!

  14. sending you off with a tip of the hat and a big smile.
    cheers my dear.

  15. You are a smart lady, enjoy this time for sure!! I can't wait to see you on the 18th! xo

  16. Enjoy every second and I can't wait to hear that your bundle of joy has arrived!

  17. Your posts will be missed, but I am so glad that you are taking time for what's important right now. Love you and miss you!

  18. I love how you get a glimpse of the big brother to be in this photo. Take it slow and enjoy your final days as just three...oxo

  19. I'll be thinking of you over the next few weeks! My second arrived a year ago this month and it's been such an amazing experience to add a second child to our family. I cannot wait to find out more Henry's sibling. We'll be planning a trip to San Diego in July sometime. If you're feeling up to it, we'd love to meet up with you at the park sometime.

  20. yay girl! relax and soak in some peace before things get more exciting but more chaotic! we'll be here! xo

  21. enjoy this time and relax, cuddle, and do something for yourself! xo

  22. Lovely post!
    Found you through Heather of La Feem :)


  23. Good for you lady!! Enjoy your downtime and prep for the babe...can't wait to hear the news...xoxoxoxoxo

  24. what i love about this photo is that you can see Henry in the background with a guitar and you holding your belly. i didn't notice it the first time i saw the photo...it reminds me of a peace of art ...you keep going back to the photo and seeing new things you hadn't noticed before. can't wait to hear the news...

  25. enjoy the deserved break my friend!

  26. Missing you and your sweet posts! Think of you and your little family all of the time. Love you!

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  28. Very interesting discussion, I look forward to your new postings and I will make sure all my friends sign up for your newsletter.
    Jessica May


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