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Wednesday, March 2, 2011





The weather has been so wild here lately. 2 weekends ago we were in the yard harvesting our oranges and planting tomatoes and then this last weekend we were in the snow. I know that for most of you there is nothing exciting about snow. But living in San Diego my entire life, snow is amazing. On Sunday we went for a drive and found ourselves chasing the most beautiful snow covered mountains. The first photo is Torrey Pines {we actually got married on the top of that cliff} and then 30 minutes later was photo #2. We kept driving until we found a sledding hill full of San Diegans with boogie boards having the time of their lives. It was pretty magical.


  1. Where in the world did you find snow in San Diego?? I remember hearing reports of hail, but snow? I missed that entirely. Looks like some serious fun though!

  2. This weekend was wild! Biking by the beach one second & then the next looking up to snow filled mountains. Beautiful! We have the best of both worlds here... Lucky us! Great photos! :)

  3. That is so crazy! We are supposed to go down to SD in a few weeks. I hope there isn't any snow/hail then...I'm kind of trying to escape it! ;)

  4. Gorgeous photos Alexis! I think that is what I love the most about Southern California - you can literally surf and ski in the same day! How magical that you found snow this weekend! I love the snow too! xo Samantha

  5. Wow! Beautiful photos, Alexis! I especially love the third one.

  6. I hope its warm when I come to San Francisco this weekend! Cheers to you :)

  7. i'm in AWE! i can't believe there was snow at Torrey Pines. Henry must have loved that;) x

  8. whoa! crazy!

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