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Friday, October 8, 2010


Estelle you just won~
2 yards of pink and white striped hat binding {from millinery in the south of France}
1 spool of blue thread {from Visalia, CA}
2 milk caps {from Solana Beach}
2 15 cent Dairy Coupons {from the Irvine flea market}
5 old buttons {from Visalia, CA}
6 stamps {from the Chelsea flea market}
1 key {from my girlfriends grandmother's farm somewhere in the south?}
1 picture dated 1948 {from the Irvine flea market}
1 paper owl {from Tinsel Trading Co. in NYC}
1 seashell {from Cardiff by the Sea}
1 French playing card {from a brocante in the south of France}

Happy Friday you all and Estelle please email me your address so I can get your goodies of to you.

ox, Alexis

P.S. I always wondered how people picked winners so I thought I would share... I usually have Henry pick out of a bowl with everyone's names but this time I thought I would pick my 5th comment {5 is my most favorite number}. oxo



  1. Ahhh, I am so excited!! Seriously, can't believe I won such treasure. Thanks, Alexis. This just made my weekend.

  2. What a sweet collection of treasures to win. Estelle you are on lucky lady.

  3. Alexis ~

    You could not have chosen a better recipient...Estelle will cherish every. single. one of these amazing perfect little treasures.

    And we love Henry's latest...btw, I think we have a long-distance love affair going on with our kiddos. :)


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