take 5: #13 Haydee from Happenstance

Friday, June 4, 2010

take 5

1. Indulge: In Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter. My absolute favorite!
{image here}


2. Know: To just laugh when you see a clean home, but your kids see a playground:)
(my photo)

take 5

3. See: Humor in as much as possible.
{image from here}

take 5

4. Wear: A pretty lipstick the next time you go on a date with your significant other.
{Image from JCrew}

take 5

5. Love: What you have. We may not have the pool, but we do have the beautiful beach just minutes away.
{image from we heart it}

Haydee has known my husband for a long time and I met her for the first time a few years ago at a surf event. It is so funny how this blog world has connected us because it wasn't from either of those connections {those were both made later once we started talking}. Anyway she doesn't live far and last week we got our kiddos together. If you have ever seen her blog, Happenstance, you know that this is one totally talented, lovely lady. And now I can say that she is incredibly sweet, kind, beautiful and an amazing mommy.
I love that we have reconnected and adore your take 5. thanks Haydee.


  1. love the list..i need to go buy a pretty lipstick..

  2. I think it must be Haydee week on the blogosphere! Great list...

    PS - As per SATC...I think "Sterling" is totally hot :)

  3. # 3 is what I swear {live} by...


  4. Great list Haydee! I need to work on a couple of those (starting with trying the ice cream...:)

  5. A lovely list. Especially like that second photo. Too cute.


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