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Monday, April 5, 2010

The weekend started with a big ol' egg hunt in our backyard. I will never forget all the little kiddos running out the backdoor looking for eggs. There have been so many special memories in our backyard {our wedding, many parties, Henry's blessing...} that it makes it hard for me to ever imagine leaving our little spot.

Chloe pulling Henry. Chloe's mommy and I have been dear friends for over 20 years. Seeing our children love each other is such a blessing.

Party favors. I had so much fun in the dollar isle at Target. I found slinkies, bunny books, lip gloss and trucks... what more could you ask for?

Our good friends rented a costume {Elizabeth & Justin you guys are amazing!} 50% of the children loved the Easter bunny but the other 50% will have nightmares until next Easter {Henry is in the nightmare set}.

Little sidewalk chalking {or crayoning} while we waited for all the egg hunters.

So cute. no?

Our sweet God~daughter on the left & the cutest little legs in the world on the right.

Our weekend ended with a little hunt. Just Ross, Henry, Syd the Dog and I. It was so special. I will never forget Henry's Easter attire; PJ's, rain boots and helmet. I love being a mommy.


  1. Wow, the kids in your life are so lucky! What an incredible party you put on. The decorations, the favors, The Easter Bunny, holy cow!

  2. amazingly beautiful party! 'the cutest legs in the world' are just too much! :) nice meeting your adorable blog!

  3. Adorable Alexis... I think my favorites are the Easter bunny {Taylor would have the nightmares, Ryan could care less right now}, the chunky legs {looks like mine, lol} & Henry's hunting outfit {looks like my little ones daily attire}... Ahhhh Good Times!!!


  4. so sweet! looks like a perfect Easter weekend;) i love your spot too, it's one of my favorite backyards and filled with fun memories. xo

  5. So Gorgeous!! What a lovely backyard and celebration ;) Lila would have been firmly in the scared of bunny camp!

  6. Love Henry's final outfit. He's got some serious style. And I love easter but I think the easter bunny is pretty creepy.

    And I loved the photo of those chubby little feet. So cute.

  7. I agree the Easter Bunny is super sketchy. I always get screwed up by the fact that he hides eggs. Doesn't it imply that he is laying eggs? weird.

  8. Dear Alexis, thank you so much for visiting me. I loved to discover your beautiful blog, I will put it among my favourite... good luck for the giveaway!!!

    Cardiff is the one in Wales???

    Wonderful party you had and wonderful pictures. I like to see scenes from real life, and the one with children are the sweetest ever!!

    Have a nice day, hugs from Italy

  9. This looks like such a special event! Your backyard is absolutely gorgeous and your party favors soooo cute!

  10. dying!! those chubby leggs in the sandals is insanely cute! you are an AMAZING photographer!! i wish i was at that party!

  11. SO cute!!! and those little frog boots kill me :)

  12. Oh my goodness, this was off the cute charts for sure! You are such a good host! Those little, chunky legs and Henry's ensemble? Too much:)


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