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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Monday was the last day of my spending hiatus and not that it matters but I thought that I needed to confess that I failed. I tried. I thought that a month of spending hiatus wouldn't be that hard. I did pretty well but then fell off at the end. So I thought if I posted my purchases my failure wouldn't be quit as bad. Because really it could have been worse. no?

The Country Bunny. Isn't it cute {confession #2 I haven't read it yet but I know I will 100 times to H}. I thought it would be perfect for his little basket.
A James Perse T for Ross. When we were in Aspen I wanted to surprise Ross and he liked an orange V so I bought it.
Chai Teas from Darshan Bakery. They are so good. I didn't have 10 but I got a few. Starbucks/coffee stops are definitely 'wants' rather then 'needs' but I think that as soon as I started falling off the wagon I got more lax with my 'needs.'
New Shoes. Okay so seriously are they not magnificent. I got a tip off from a friend who spotted then at Marshalls and as soon as I made my guilty trip to see them I knew I had to wear them to my friends wedding next weekend. So my rational was that they were on 'sale' and I really wanted something new to wear to Dawn's wedding {I know my rationale is totally C+ but it got my out of the store guilt free}.

Well there it is... the spending hiatus drop out.


  1. I have tried the spending hiatus many times. I mark it on the calendar and I am fired up about it and it never seems to work. It's fun and you mean well and you feel good about it for about a week or two and it just takes one little thing, you fall off the wagon and that's it. It's great to try every so often though. Good job!!! you did pretty good for the first time. One of these times I will accomplish 1 month of no spending. Maybe February, the shortest month.

  2. Yes I know that I will attempt it again.... funny I did do it in February ;)!

  3. HAHA! I am laughing because I am just seeing this and went to comment to say that I AM OBSESSED with those shoes!!!!!! R U KIDDING ME! Wish we were the same size, I may make a trip to Marshals, but don't worry I won't wear them to Dawn's. THEN I saw it said I already replied...i think that must be a different Nicole! XOXO nic

  4. Oh and I just discovered DARSHAN Bakery in Encinitas as well, so excited they have yummy Chai!


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