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Monday, February 15, 2010

So I have a little confession. I was gone all last week staying on the North Shore of Oahu. I feel a little funny since I was still posting last week. We wanted to be incognito even though I knew I would have to share when we got home. We stayed at an amazing spot that we found online. We were looking for a spot that was remote, near the beach and easy with Henry, plus it needed to be reasonably priced. The place that we stayed was all of those things + it was beautifully designed without a detail forgotten.

Waimea Falls Botanical Gardens, if you get the chance to visit the North Shore I highly recommend this little jewel ~ peacocks, waterfall & swimming hole, good ahi salads, gorgeous grounds.

Our place was filled with flowers, handmade furnishings and beautiful things from Bali. It was so peaceful. Although I must confess when we first got there I had a minor panic attack, no doors, one bedroom and handmade furnishings is not usually good for a 19 month old but Henry was a chap. We had an amazing time but I could only imagine how magical it would be as a romantic trip with Ross.

The dining room, love love loved the lights.

Between the ocean and our cottage there was this fountain for washing sandy feet and baby buns. It was just one of the many details that wasn't forgotten.

This big guy was right outside our place for 2 days.

So for $225 a night we had a little special spot that was the back drop to our first family vacation {just our little family}. It was so special. Let me know if you are interested in going there, I can give you more details and tips if you might be bringing a lil'one.

The Bishop Museum. On your way to the airport this is a lovely place to visit. On top of having the most extensive collection of Hawaiian artifacts it was built in 1891 and has an incredible mix of Polynesian and Victorian architecture.

I love this little church, it says so much about the rural, relaxed nature of the North Shore.


  1. How fun! We were just there a few months ago, and I have yet to fully blog about it. Thanks for reminding me that I need to do so haha! I knew exactly where you stayed, and it is so gorgeous. I can't wait to go back. Glad you had fun!

  2. What a real, beautiful vacation. A true escape from the world!

  3. lucky girl!! sigh, how I love Hawaii!

  4. I was just running through your archives when I saw the picture of the Bishop Museum (actually, it was the whale suspended from the ceiling) and I had the biggest flash back.
    We lived in Hawaii from the time I was 6 till 12 and I have this memory of visiting THAT very museum on a field trip. I remembered that whale! and seeing some of the most lush ferns growing outside. Wow. Thank you so much for that. I hope you had a great, great visit!


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