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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Being away from my blog for so long I realise how much time it takes out of my day. I have very little laundry to run and the 'dust guerrillas' (not bunnies) under the sofa have found their way out. The chaos from Christmas has slowed down, I have a pretty good handle on Thank Yous and every gift card has been spent {I cannot hold on to those!}. Here are a few highlights from the last 6 days. I have a lot to blog about but I will keep it for next week {I am still on vacation, but couldn't resist a quick hello}. Now one more holiday to go. Happy happy New Year.
until 2010 ~ ag

{This is the first Christmas that Ross & I have set up for the morning we stuffed stockings, set up toys and went to bed way too late... such a joy}

{I love this picture of my two guys on Christmas day}

{Every family has their issues and I would have to say that our family is no exception {wink}! This picture makes me happy because my greatest gift this year was to have all 3 of my sisters, my brother, my grandma, my aunt, my mom and my dad in one room. I love them all so much and sometimes as life gets complicated it is easy to forget what a blessing it is that we are just simply together.}
{Henry loves his new train table that Paula Mom, Popi, Nini & Buck gave him this year}

{This is just about the time that the tree and I develop a love/ hate relationship. I love it but I want it to go away.}


  1. hope you have a very happy new year! harper got a train table/set too. aren't boys so fun?!

  2. I just LOVE, LOVE the family picture ...how nice that everyone was together! Give everyone my love

  3. yes boys are so much fun! & yes it was such a blessing to have everyone together... now we are all over the planet and I miss them all so much.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.... Hope you have a great New Years! I soooo agree with the Tree! We got rid of ours ASAP... Little love hate with that! See you next year!

  5. Beautiful intro to 2010.......thanks for taking the time to share~ Love you,.......cj

  6. great pics of the fam! happy new year to you all:) love, sarah


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