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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I had this stamp made at Staples $18.99! It is the best $20 {with tax} that I have spent for the holidays so far. You have 100 choices of fonts, styles, sizes. I did the 1"x2" stamp with 'Conneticut' font. These stamps are usually meant for addresses but why not write whatever you want; Peace! ~ Happy Birthday ~ Merry Merry Joy Joy ~ whatever. Oh + did I mention they did it in 20 minutes! amazing, right.

Use it to personalize your cards. It always looks great and after signing 100 cards, #85 to #100 never looks your best {this is the back of the card with photo corners, see above}.

Use it for all your gift tags or stamp a sticker that holds together goodies for the hostess... there are a million things you can do with this stamp.

1 comment:

  1. Your paper work/cards are beyond heart warmingly adorable! They are simply fantastic!
    I love the "staples" deal breaker stamp ....such an ingenius idea girlie! Brillant! I say Brillant!
    Thanks for sharing.....hope your feeling love, christy


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