I'm going!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I just put my deposit down & I am going to France with French General! The words that come to mind are 'grateful' & 'thrilled.' When I started F&F this summer as a way to start selling my creations I never thought that it would send me to France. Words cannot describe the excitement that I have thinking about spending a week with 14 creative women who want to eat, drink, shop, create & learn everything French. I have an amazing husband and son who think it is a great idea for me to go. I am so grateful & so thrilled.
PS. there are a few spots left... come.
{photos taken on French General's trip last year}


  1. lucky YOU!!! I totally loved France when I was working over there last year. YOu might want to get your hands on Rosetta Stone's French lesson's (unless you already speak it)!

    wish I could go !

  2. Looks amazing! Wish I had the creative gene so I had an excuse to go do this for a week! My only creativity is in the kitchen, so if I went to school in France for a week, it would have to be for cooking school. Bon chance y bon voyage! x

  3. You are one lucky gal! What a fabulous opportunity. -bethany

  4. You will be in heaven, on earth! A trip of a lifetime (I have a feeling you will be doing this trip more than once in your lifetime!!)
    I am so so thrilled at this news...
    As for the weekend,rest as much as you can, you just had surgery!{remember?} love you!


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