Larita + happy Friday

Friday, November 20, 2009

This photo is tacked to the wall in the Art Barn. I love everything that this photo says about my Grandma Larita. It reminds me of how adventurous, beautiful and confident she is. She is the only Grandma that I know who was the West Coast Weight Lifting Champion {in the light weight division, circa 1950}, she has back packed all over the Sierra's {sleeping in tents that she made} and she still does 50 sit-ups every morning {in her nursing home}. She is amazing and an inspiration to everyone who knows her. I love you Grandma, Happy Birthday, see you tonight.

Happy Friday, hope you all have a great weekend.

~ ag


  1. love this gal.......always & forever........xoxoxo

  2. your grandma sounds awesome... reminds me of my grandma too... Mine did the tent making, camping, and studied Chemistry at Berkeley back in the day and is still super active... she just recently went to Alaska to camp and fish... had to erect bear fencing around their campsite and everything. They are amazing people.


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