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Monday, November 23, 2009

The weekend started out perfectly, a fish taco & a beer for my grandma Larita's birthday. When I walked her to her room on Friday night she said it was the best birthday that she has ever had {I think that she says that every year... so sweet}.

This weekend was all about a major purge. It started in the Art Barn last Tuesday {more on that later} and slowly worked it's way into the house. On Saturday morning Nini picked up Henry so Ross and I could dive into removing the play yard and turning Henry's room into more of a playroom/ bedroom rather then a nursery. After 3 loads to the Goodwill; all closets, drawers and cabinets are free of anything useless {mostly}. It is amazing how much better life is when it is cleaned out, I highly recommend it. With everything I would say is this 'useful' or 'beautiful'?, if I couldn't answer the questions with a confident 'yes' it was gone.

A clean and tidy Art Barn.

On Sunday afternoon we took a break from all the clean up and met some friends at the lagoon in Carlsbad. It was the first time that I had every stand up paddled and I loved it. It was the most beautiful afternoon, the sun was bright and warm and the air had the crispness of Fall, it was perfect.

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  1. I too went paddling for the first time today with the infamous Shannon. So much fun! Pretty soon she'll have a whole gang of us out there keeping her company. Karin


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