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Monday, November 2, 2009

It has been one month since I started Fern & Feather's blog. So to celebrate this little ity bity anniversary I thought I would have a contest.

I am going to be making 2 new T's this holiday. And I am asking you to help me come up with an idea for a girl's T and/or a boy's T. If I pick your idea then I will send you any F&F T of your choice. {remember I already have a buggy and a truck}

*Here are the rules~ 1- you must leave your idea as a 'comment' {at the bottom of this post it says 'comments' click on that and make sure you leave your email} 2- The person who comes up with the idea first wins {meaning if you are the 3rd person to say '_____' I am going to pick the first person who said it}. 3- you have until Friday, November 6th. Good Luck and thanks for playing {wink}.


  1. Hey Lex,
    I think sports inspired t's for little boys would be super cute. You could do a series including soccer, baseball, football, basketball. For little girls you could do a series that includes a princess crown, magic wand...good luck!

  2. I think winter themed clothes with the sights of the seasons. You could do cornucopias, snowmen, mittens, baby new year (love that), mugs of cocoa, Christmas trees, galoshes, etc.

  3. I think for the holidays a charming reindeer just like the cute stuffed animals you make. Maybe even a stuffed reindeer to match!
    For everyday, a tugboat and for another one a babe shore bird. Or how about a surfboard with the child's initial in part of the design.

  4. you guys are killing me! these ideas are amazing... I can not turn on my sewing machine fast enough! So a few people weren't able to leave comments so they emailed me {} here are their ideas...

    We have a few children's books that are so inspiring... Anything from Tomie de Paola. He's got doves, sheep, lamb with curly fleece, alligators, kitty, doggie, etc... but all in a fun, playful design that would be adorable on your tees! Also, I have a bilingual book from our French Grandma called Les Animaux. If you were to put the image and then, the word underneath in French, ie, a cute piglet le cochon or chicken/hen/rooster, le poulet. Anything from France/Paris!

    Boys: Shark, turtle, cowboy boot, red wagon
    Girls: Seashell, Seahorse, slice of watermelon, koi fish
    Unisex: Eiffel Tower, soccerball, Buddha,
    Christmas: Dove with Olive Branch (Tomie de Paola Style)
    Easter: Lamb or Sheep (Tomie de Paola Style)

    boys t: baseball glove, or ball and jacks. girls t: fairy

  5. How about Hanukkah shirts for boys (blue) & girls (pink) Dreidle.
    Then a unisex one that's a Menorah

  6. Candy canes, alone or criss-crossed - really stripey ones! ;) LOVE contests!!

  7. Oh - and how about doggie silhouettes!! girl or boy ;)

  8. WOw! such great ideas already! I especially liked the ideas from Elizabeth (i.e. fun winter season delights), including warm milk & cookies, colorful apples, etc. I also like the idea of using a song "these are a few of my favorite things" (whiskers on kittens, etc.)
    Have fun!!! :)

  9. That olde time circus tent from the b-day invitation would be so cute!

  10. got another email... {not sure why the comments are not working}

    Nicole~ "do a peace sign in Christmas Lights"

  11. Stacy~
    PS My vote for contest (more then 1 ok? :)
    Boys Tee is a Guitar, a Fire Engine, a Dinosaur a Football, and a Monkey (I call Aiden)

    And girls T is a Ladybug, a ButterFly, a Princess. :) Let you know if I think of anymore ideas.:)

  12. oh also... if you are having a hard time with a comment click on "PREVIEW" and then "POST COMMENT" for some reason that works for me :)

    BTW~ I am having so much fun sewing and drawing up all of your ideas... It is going to be so hard to pick!

  13. Love the Hannukah themes especially the dreidel. Other thoughts...snowflake,Turkey, partridge in a pear tree, gingerbread man, reindeer antlers, PEACE, JOY

  14. Idea for tee contest from is:
    Gingerbread Boy (with initial of child on belly or somewhere in there! thats your job!!)
    Gingerbread Girl ( " " ")
    of course in your absolutely adorable fabric design way!!!
    Snow flakes (with initials)
    You can tell i really, really like your initials!!
    love, christy

  15. Hey Lex, what about a cupcake since you are so in love with them. :) Also, you know how much I love feathers and hummingbirds (joy, joy, joy!) Oh, can't forget a ladybug!!

  16. Gosh, this is hard and I'm not even doign the sewing. Knowing the image has to small and simple, how about just the babes initials (not in caps) in vinatge holiday fabric or that french chinois stuff. red or blue. even initials nyc or la in holiday fabric would be fun! or a pacifer in holiday material with a bow somehow tied around it??? How about the word "bah" as in bah hum bug.....
    thanks for creative challenge. good luck!

  17. ......A wide black santa belt with a gold buckle that has the "initals" on it!!


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