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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bedtime is my favorite time of the day. I love playing with Henry in the tub and I love getting him all cozy for a good night sleep. Here are some of our must haves for ni-night time.

1 - The little African fair trade basket. I bought this for Henry last Easter and it has been a staple for bedtime. I put it in the corner of his crib with little toys {plush toys, cars, books, balls... whatever fits} and in the morning he finds his basket and plays giving mom and dad a few extra minutes of sleep.
2 - Little Twig. These are great baby products all organic and smell so yummy.
3 - Weleda baby lotion. This stuff smells so good, it was a baby shower gift and I keep getting more. I love giving Henry a little massage/ tickle attack before bed.
4 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The day wouldn't be complete without singing this song at least 20x. One of my absolute favorite moments as a mommy is rocking my little one while I sing this song. Precious.
5 - Little Giraffe blanket. So I wish that I could say that the blanket I knitted while I was pregnant, dreaming about my little angel was the fav but it's not {it is actually totally scratchy and faded in the wash}. These cozy blankets are Henry's favorite. He buries his little face in them and rolls around while he is falling asleep {love the video monitor}.
6 - Hanna Anderson PJ's. So they are a total splurge - especially since you can now get organic PJ's at Costco - but they are so worth the $38. Henry got a pair for Christmas last year and he still wears them. Honestly I don't know how he still fits in them because he has grown 5 inches since December but he does. They are so cozy and can be washed a million times without showing any wear.
7 - Yookidoo bath toy. Okay this is sooo much fun. It sticks on the side of your bathtub and provides tons of laughs and learning. It has a little button that turns on and off the water, Henry loves filling up all of his cups and dumps them over the tub all over me {actually I guess that part isn't great}.
8 - My Go to Bed Book. This is a very sweet story about a little one going to bed and having his mom read his 'Go to Bed Book.' I love the classic 1950's illustrations and the sweet old fashion words {like 'britches'}.

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  1. Love the basket idea in the crib... My little guy just stands & screams mommy, mommy, mommy... Til I come in & get him. Afew more minutes would be nice! Thanks for the tip!
    XOXO, Alexandra


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