lil' Luka + kitchen complete

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Oakland. My mother-in-law and Ross jumped in to help so that I could visit my besty from college. I have been counting down the days to see her and meet her little one, Luka. What a little miracle, he is 6 weeks now and they are in the thick of it, up every hour, feeding, pooping, crying, cooing, announcement addressing, laundry laundry laundry. This was probably good timing for a trip to see a newbie because even though my brain has been saying WAIT! I bought a pair of ADORABLE ity bity shoes for a little baby girl {what is wrong with me!?}. I feel so much better since I made that confession. Any way, Luka is such an angel and I am so glad that I could be with my dear friend to listen to the entire birth story, make her some soup, hold Luka while she got her hair cut & colored and just be there during this amazing time in her life.

{isn't he a bundle?!.... he smells good too}

While Ashley was pregnant I helped her remodel their kitchen. It was such a fun project because I absolutely adore her style and she trusted some of my unconventional ideas {my favorite type of client}. This trip was the first time that I had seen it complete and I am so happy for them. I know there will be many great glasses of wine shared, lots of laughs and little babies running around this new lovely room in their home. Here is a photo of the window seat and a slice of the brick fireplace in their kitchen.


  1. You're such a good friend! She's very lucky to have you in her life! Adorable bunny you made!Nice Kitchen... The wood work, window seat, brick fireplace & blue & white pottery is a slice of heaven for me! I'll order that please! Good Job!
    xoxo, Alexandra

  2. isn't she incredible! I cried when lex left, because it truly was the greatest gift anyone could give me, two days, one night of her time. And as we all know, lex spreads calm, happiness and beauty everywhere she travels. Our house felt like it was touched by an angel for two days!!

  3. it was a slice of heaven for me too... you both are too kind. oxo


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