movie night

Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie night under the stars in our backyard is my new favorite thing. So we learned that our kids are maybe a bit too young but they all sat with their little 'to go' boxes of food and watched for a bout 13 minutes. It was so wonderful to be outside on a beautiful fall evening with our dearest friends. We even had a couple new friends drop by {our friends we met in Palm Springs came... life is so funny!} So another thing that made movie night so great is that it is sooo recession chic. If we all wanted to go to the movies and out to dinner it would be... lets see... 6 adults + 8 kids = a lot of $$$.
So I just took a sheet and attached it to the beams on the art barn. We brought out our ladder and put Ross' projector from work, a computer, and little ipod speakers on it & viola... movie night.

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  1. We do a movie night every summer too! It is one of our very favorite things!!!


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