Easter 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012




This Easter was such a blessing for me. It was the first holiday - in my life - that I told my family what I was going to do and invited them to come, rather then driving all over town, being stressed out, making people upset with me and not enjoying the day. I have a very "modern" family, my parents were divorced when I was very young, then my parents were both remarried. Then 25 years later both sets of parents divorced. I adore my step parents so I have 4 separate sets of parents to see on holidays {plus Ross's family}. Luckily my mom and step mom are close, that is a gift. I guess the reason I am telling you all of this is because I wish someone would have told me that the best way to deal with this is to invite everyone and then they can decide {maybe people did suggest it, this was just the first year I really felt brave}. This year we sent an email to our families explaining our plan for the day, hike in the morning, hunt, brunch etc... and told them how much we want them to be a part of it, then it was up to them to figure out when and if they could come. From my perspective I think it was successful, I didn't have the anxiety of making everyone happy {of course I had a little}, being late or not giving everyone enough time {I had a little of that too but much less then normal}. It was a bit of a break through for me.


  1. Good for you- sounds lovely! We are often in the same boat of trying to see/please everyone on holidays and running ourselves ragged. I've been told before to just invite everyone to our house but never thought it would work since my parents are also divorced and remarried, so your story gives me hope it might be a possibility someday :) We had a bit of time to just our own little family this past weekend and it was really nice and very calm!

  2. so happy to hear it worked out! and yay for doing the brave thing. :)

  3. i'm short on time, but just wanted to quickly say how much i can relate to this post (divorced parents- myself and my husband), and wanted to share one that i wrote in regards to holidays & new traditions... & stress.

    good for you for "taking charge" (i know it's not always easy, or comfortable to do so)! http://torriesessions.blogspot.com/2011/12/list.html

  4. So glad you had a fun, relaxing, enjoyable holiday. I can totally relate to how you feel. I only deal with 2 sets of families (i can't imagine 4!) Unfortunately, this year was no different. I keep telling David that we need to do exactly what you did this year - but like you said it's a scary thing to step out and do!
    xo Melissa

  5. Good for you! It sounds like you had a beautiful and fun filled day.

    P.S. I love C's bib :)

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed your time!Thanks for sharing this happy event!


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