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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DSC_0138.jpgFirst, I have to apologize if this picture makes you as sick as it makes me... I really don't like to look at or think of chicken but I don't mind eating it... especially Chicken Favorite.
I think that this recipe comes from an old Junior League cookbook of my Nana's. My mom used to make this a lot when I was a kid and I had an amazingly random craving {I probably haven't had it in 10 years}. It is super yummy and pretty darn easy.

- one package of chicken breasts {I got the organic ones at TJ's and I think there were 6 breasts inside}
- 1 jar of marinated artichoke hearts {I like tons so you could even use more}
- cup of flour {I actually made it with garbanzo bean flour but it wasn't quite as good as I remember so if you don't have a gluten thing going go for the flour}
- one egg + lil' milk
- salt & pepper
- crushed up bread crumbs {optional... for extra flavor}
- one cup of rice {I especially love short grain brown rice but any kind will do}

Preheat the oven to 350. Make a dish with eggs and a lil' milk, mix them up. Make another dish with flour, bread crumbs, salt and pepper. Take your baking dish {I used a 8x8} and pour a little of the juice from the artichoke jar to coat the bottom. Take your chicken and start breading. Coat in egg mixture, then flour mixture, and place in dish. Repeat until all chicken breasts are breaded. Once all your chicken is in the dish take all the artichoke hearts out with a fork {I love using the juice but not all so don't dump the entire jar it would be a bit too juicy}. Spread as many artichokes as you would like. Dump a little more of the juice around the chicken breasts. Throw it in the oven and it should take around 30 minutes. I would check it at 25 and decide from there, depending on your oven it could take longer. While your chicken is cooking I like to start the rice {this works if you are doing it on the stove top}. If you are making it in the rice cooker then start it at the same time you start preparing the chicken it usually takes close to an hour for rice.



  1. Ooh, I'm always looking for a new chicken dish! Can't wait to try this one out.

  2. Yummy! And what wonderful recipe instructions! ;) I just noticed that you love York Peppermint Patties! Growing up we always had a bag in the freezer. They are hands down, my all time favorite "comfort food!" xo Samantha

  3. I don't make chicken too often (I eat vegetarian mot of the time, unless I know how my chicken has been raised), but with a name like chicken favorite, how could I not try this dish?

  4. oh my gosh, this looks amazing! i can't wait to try it.

    also, you need to try out my rice cooker to see if you like it. it cooks brown rice in about 5-10 min flat! i'll loan it to you anytime:)

  5. Am I the only one here who got quesy looking at this? So glad I continued to read on and realized those were artichokes not funky chicken parts.
    The dish does sound really good and I'm sure I'll make it. Have you tried rice flour? (sometimes works and sometimes it's off) I know there's a gluten free flour out there that is a combo of three different flours. Jimbo's might have it.

  6. The way you photograph everything so beautifully...even your chicken dish looks amazing, but I know what you mean...every time I'm working with raw makes me wonder why I'm not a vegetarian. I love your baking dish...I hope my mom still has hers!

  7. looks great! i couldn't even look or eat chicken when i was pregnant.

  8. Your first sentence makes me laugh. I'm the same way...I really like eating chicken but preparing/looking at it it (especially when it is raw) kind of grosses me out. However, artichokes+chicken: yum. :)

  9. i'm going to try this tonight!

    loving the shower photos...stunning!

  10. This sounds delicious and the recipe seems so doable. Thanks for sharing!


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