quinoa + butternut squash + tomatoes

Friday, September 10, 2010


I think the reason this is so darn good is all the fresh ingredients. The butternut squash was from the farmers market, tomatoes from our friends yard and most importantly the new oil and vinegar I got from Baker & Olive. I never really got how important good olive oil and vinegar was until this dish. The oil that I bought has an amazing grassy flavor and the vinegar has been aged for a zillion years, it is almost like syrup. Yum. It was a splurge but worth every penny.

1 cup of quinoa
3 tomatos chopped
3 cups chopped, roasted butternut squash
1/2 cup chopped parsley

Make the quinoa, set aside {I like mixing the red and white quinoa... you can find both at Traders}. Roast the chucks of butternut squash with olive oil, sea salt and parsley, until the chunks are soft and you see a little bit of browning around the edges. Once the squash and quinoa are done mix them together with the chopped tomatos, parsley and add olive oil - vinegar and salt to taste.

Have a wonderful weekend... love & light, Alexis


  1. Yummy! I did see that new store Baker & Olive & wanted to stop in. Now I'm going asap! Thanks for sharing!!! Great seeing you last night even if it was for a short time... :)


  2. i still need to make into baker & olive! this recipe looks deeeelish. so fun to see you last night! xo

  3. Feel free to send me some of that olive oil and vinegar;-) I can't wait to try this recipe...and it is gluten free!!!!

  4. Yummy! SO GREAT to see you last night, you are so fricken fun, Ross is a lucky man. We need to hang out more often! Have a great weekend and good luck with the house. xo

  5. Don't you love Baker + Olive?! So glad you made it in there. Her selection is amazing. You can call me crazy, but I am not so sure I like butternut squash. I think I will have to try this recipe to be sure though.

  6. I haven't even heard of Baker + Olive. Where have I been? Your recipe looks great so maybe I will give it a shot this weekend.

    P.S. it was so good to see you again last night and hang out! I had a great time with all the ladies!

  7. yum... this sounds super fresh and delish! it was awesome to meet you... i hope we can do another blogger hang out soon so you can tell us more awesome/shocking stories;)

  8. This looks so good Alexis! So happy to see you last night. You always make me smile and laugh:) Look forward to seeing you again soon when I come down and please let me know if you ever get to Naples;)

  9. Oh yum!! I have been wanting to try quinoa and haven't really found a recipe to follow....can't wait to try this one!

    ...happy to have found your blog! :)


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