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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As Henry's 2nd birthday approaches I have been trying to clean out all of the 'baby toys/gear' and bring in the 'big boy' stuff. Here are some of the favorites around our house... all approved by mom and Henry.
Mini Kick Scooter. Play dough {The kind that we love is called YoHoHo Dough... and I can not find it... I made a batch in November and we are still playing with it}. Mutsy's "Grow Up" chair. Matchbox Cars {I have about 5 in my purse right now}. And the Bell Skate Helmet.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a purse full of cars!

  2. I think it's time I break down and buy my little some toys. I will start with matchbox cars.

  3. we always bought the coolest toys and my son ended up playing with rope, tape and boxes...he's 19 and still says "are you gonna throw that box away.." or "mom, that long cardboard fabric tube...can I have that?" Crafty one that boy. Won "most school spirit" his senior year for his homespun fashioned original costumes at every sporting event when he was a spectator. He also won senior superlative "funniest"...hmmm, what happened to "most likely to succeed?" Makes a momma proud! Little boys are fabulous!

  4. love the story about your son... yes boxes {the bigger the better}, pots pans and mom's shoes are the classics.

    Most school spirit... those were the sweetest kids in school!


  5. Oh the scooter! A big hit with P:) I'm so excited to start buying K Matchbox cars, he's really getting into them lately!:)


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