Father's Day ideas.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here are just a few little ideas for that special Daddy in your life.
A subscription to the Surfer's Journal {I know it is a shameless plug but really ask anyone it is so good}.
A pair of boxers made by Birds. {beautifully handcrafted in Saucilito with Pima Cotton}
A little note saying "I love you" by Hammer Press.
A flip, to capture all of those precious moments.
A new bike. I have had bike riding on the mind lately. I think a new bike or even a rented bike with a ride on the boardwalk would be the perfect father's day outing.
Or what about a camp-out?... I am dying for smores under the stars with my 2 guys.

I have a fun little outing planned. Just hoping the sun and the surf cooperate.


  1. great ideas!!! melissa and i have been talking about riding our beach cruisers around town, so you should come with if we do:) how fun if we had our own bike gang?

    ps. i'm going subscribe to surfers journal today:)

  2. I have a Flip camera and I love it!!! I highly recommend it!!



  3. I love the camping trailer!! That would be a super fun project - retrofitting an old Airstream... Hmmm.
    Love the ideas!

  4. Fun ideas and good plug on Surfer's Journal:)

  5. Aren't you the sweetest?! Merci!

    We just returned from 3 days of camping near Mt. Shasta ~ s'mores with coconut marshmallows and nutella were divine!


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