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Monday, April 12, 2010

This is my go-to recipe if I want to make something super yummy but have no time and/or don't want to slave in the kitchen {which I never do... so I make it a lot}. I started making this with salmon but have found that it makes any fish absolutely divine.

All you need is some mayo and Chili Garlic Sauce {I also included a photo of the Homemade Chili Sauce just in case you don't like spicy}. I do one cup of mayo to a spoonful of sauce. If you like it extra spicy you can add more but be careful this sauce is powerful. Mix up the two ingredients and generously spread it over the fish. Cook at 375 for anywhere to 8-15 minutes {depending on how thick the piece is}. Check it at 8 or 10 and if it needs a minute or two stay close by. Fish is so easy to overcook. My rule of thumb is that you want it to have big moist flakes when you pull it apart to check it {does that make sense?}. Email me if you have any questions. This is so easy and such a good one to have up your sleeve.


  1. Yum! I needed a new fish idea! AND I have that sauce in my kitchen, looks we will be having fish tonight!

  2. Yum. So easy but it looks so good. Can't wait to try it. Anything with chili garlic sauce it is good!!

  3. this looks divine! i love that garlic chili sauce.


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