Take 5: #7 Bianca from Bink & Boo

Friday, April 23, 2010


1. Indulge: in French cheese {Saint Faron cow's milk triple crème is one of my faves}
{image by atf300 via flickr}


2. Know: how to sew
{image from decor8}


3. See: Auntie Mame {and drool over the set design, costumes, and jewelry}
{image from manolobig.com}


4. Wear: lip gloss, you'll always look polished {I LOVE lip glaze by Stila}
{image from Stila Cosmetics}

5. Love: everyone {even when you think you can't}
{image by spread the love}

Bianca is really one of the most talented ladies I know. She is the brains behind Bink & Boo. Which is the most adorable line of baby bibs, booties, ladies pocketbooks and coming soon she will have a line of home decor. What blows me away is her attention to detail everything that she makes is brilliantly packaged and beautifully handmade {by her!}. I posted about her booties on one of my weekly round-ups and we found out that we were basically neighbors. The first day we met I invited her to tea and before we knew it her little one was having dinner on my counter because we couldn't stop talking. I just adore Bianca and am so excited to watch her brand become an absolute sensation. Bianca thank you for your Take 5... it is fabulous {of course!}.


  1. Great List - I've never seen Auntie Mame - may have to rent this weekend!

  2. Very fabulous, and now I'm craving brie like crazy! :)


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