Take 5: #5 Sarah Jane from Walking Around

Friday, April 9, 2010

take 5: sarah

1. Indulge: In outdoor dinner parties with friends on a beautiful day.
{Source: Finding My Way}

take 5: sarah

2. See: New places, cities and sites! I personally love road trips.
{Source: Oh Happy Day}

take 5: Sarah

3. Wear: A pretty dress and accessorize it…

take 5: sarah

4. Know: How to play an instrument. Piano, guitar, the cow bell – whatever your heart desires;)
{Source: Auburn and Ivory (cat power)}

take 5: sarah

5. Love: Love.
{Source: Tiny White Daises}

Sarah and I met almost 10 years ago in San Francisco and after knowing each other for about 10 minutes we became fast friends. Her energy and spontaneous nature was the perfect storm for one wild night. Let's just say I was supposed to be on a 5 o'clock flight but didn't quite make it. I decided to model my new swim suit {over my clothes... very attractive} and serve drinks for all the patrons at Pier 23 instead. Don't you love friends who bring out your wild side! Since then we have discovered a million things we have in common {the most peculiar one is that her cousin grew up in the house I grew up in... the same house!... Sarah's not even from San Diego!}. Anyway I could go on about Sarah. If you have not had the pleasure to dive into her blog go now! She has the most incredible design & fashion sense. Thank you Sarah for such a fabulous Take 5. I cannot wait to visit you in NYC in a couple weeks!


  1. Sarah is such a sweetie! This take 5 is great, and the images are gorgeous. I would die and go to heaven to have an outdoor party like that!

  2. this was the perfect list ever - and that dress is so gorgeous.


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