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Monday, March 22, 2010

The first sign of spring, our plum tree is starting to bloom {this makes me so happy}.

We went to dinner at a friend's house and had the most amazing pasta, ever. The couple picked up fresh pasta at a store in Little Italy {Assenti's Pasta} and then made a bolognese sauce in the crock pot. I am after the recipe and will post all details as soon as I find out. I cannot stop thinking about it.

My little 'apple pie muffins' I made for 42nd and Orange's Pie Day. This is what happens when you cannot find your pie dish and you need to make a pie stat. This is my favorite ~ very easy pie recipe from Magnolia Bakery.

The lovely ladies at 42nd and Orange. They are both so talented. I love everything that they do. Thank you for having us to Pie Day!

Bianca from Bink & Boo was at Pie Day. She is a new friend that I met through the blog world. I actually posted about her adorable booties and we found out that we lived in the same town, so we have been chatting and playing ever since {I love this little blog world}. She was so sweet and packaged up items in her sewing room that she thought I would enjoy {isn't that the kindest thing!} Look at all the treasures.

After Pie Day I dove into Martha's dumplings from the new issue {side note: the new Martha Stewart is seriously the best issue I have see in years. Every recipe looks amazing and all the ideas are brilliant}. Okay so I tried the dumplings that Martha's mom made. Here is the deal the take forever, I used every pot/ pan/ utensil in my kitchen, I should have worn an apron and they were 'just okay' {I still think it is the best issue in a long time}. After hour 2 of making dough I told Ross to invite some friends over for dinner thinking that it is ridiculous to cook for that long and to share 67 dumplings with only Ross and Henry. Let's just say that 15 minutes before they showed up I was checking the freezer for a frozen pizza. They were not that bad but they took a lot of time for a 'just okay' review. I am not the dough master so it might have been pilot error but it is complicated and Ross {bless his heart} is still doing dishes.


  1. alexis, thank you so much for coming to pie day. we had a blast and having you and your fella's there made it extra special. and a big hug to you from us for our hostess gift, we already know what we're doing with the cards.


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